202VS is a platform for the sale and purchase of wines for professionals.

The site connects communities of sellers (producers, merchants, wholesalers…) with buyers (wine merchants, restaurants…)


Expertises on this project

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This startup hasn’t technical knowledge about the best solution to implement.

Flexishore advised on the entire design of the various functionalities. Both users (sellers, buyers) and administrators (product management, orders, subscriptions).

We choose Unirgy’s uMarketplace as solution to provide sellers with a dedicated interface for managing their orders and inventory. A a lot of design and simplification work was done on original module.

Some big customization was also done on the search engine side, supported by Algolia, in order to display responses sorted by price, which depend on the customer’s delivery zone.

The website was puslished in 2017, and Flexishore is supporting 202VS in its development by providing support, advice and expertise in implementing technical changes.