A player in the circlular economy, Selency is a marketplace specializing in the sale of used furniture and decorative items

The platform selects each offer and offers internet users a wide selection of unique products, sold by individuals and professionals.

The site offers its logistics services to sellers and poses as a trusted third party towards customers.

Recently they opened the addition of products by individuals.

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Flexishore was the first development agency on the project and supported Selency from the start of the startup. Nicolas advised Charlotte Cadé and Maxime Brousse on the technical choices to be made according to the budget they had and the desired deadline for putting the first version of the site online.

Faced with the success of the site, the Flexishore team then ensured the follow-up and development of the ever-increasing demands, for more than 3 years.

The payment platform was first implemented with Mangopay , then we switched to Hipay which offers more advanced services.

The increase in traffic has led us to optimize response times on Magento and configure the server architecture to offer optimal browsing comfort.

In 2016, after a fundraising of 3 million euros, alongside Kima Ventures and Thierry Petit (co-founder and CEO of Showroomprivé), Selency recruited an in-house technical team, and developed a new platform on a new technology. The new version of the site was put online in 2017.

In 2018, Selency announced a new fundraising of 15 million euros with the OLX group (Naspers), a partner that has a network of marketplaces in more than 40 countries.