Algolia is a powerful search engine, developped in 2012. 6 years later, tool was installed on big part of worlwide websites. Famous clients used it, such as Periscope, Stripe, Twchich or Blablacar. It's a SAAS tool, very modern. His business is based on number of operations made by your user. You can use free plan until 10 000 products and 100 000 operations, which are great for launch a new project for a startup. Flexishore made several algolia projects on ecommerce magento websites.


Search engine : an important part of your website

A problem for a large number of websites is the search engine: difficult to code, not relevant enough, too slow. This can be a big investment for technical teams when a project grew up.

Like many open source e-commerce CMS, Magento hasn’t a very relevant search engine. Magento does not handle typos natively, and the relevance of the results is often very surprising. In addition, server could be impacted on high traffic sites, and performance decreased.

These problems, Algolia has made a business model, and has developed a very fast, relevant and allows you to highlight parts of your site in a few clicks.

Speed of execution to seduce users

Analytics algolia Magento
All calculations are done on Algolia’s servers which has developed a very fast search algorithm, which displays real-time responses.
Users find what they are looking for faster, and this automatically increases your sales on e-commerce sites.

Settings: You can index all kinds of data (products, categories, blogs, keywords,CMS pages …), then define specific indexes to offer sorting options. The filter criteria are fully customizable.

Relevance to increase sales

By default, Algolia returns very relevant answers to research, and it is possible to build complex rules if necessary, on keywords, sku, categories etc … It is obviously possible to manage synonyms or blacklist words.
We can also customize generic rules related to typing errors, the importance of beginnings or end of words, or even define specific rules for strategic keywords with the” query rules “.
Algolia has posted videos to illustrate the result for searches like “Product not expensive “or” best product “.
With a little experience, non-technical people can configure their settings in the Algolia interface, without having to ask a developer when they need to introduce new rules.

Search Algolia on magento e-commerce store
Overall Performance: Search is a big consumer of data.
Searches done by Algolia, frees up the server resource, and allows a faster navigation on the other pages.

Category Navigation: You can also use Algolia for category navigation. That’s what we did on ByBambou.com
Algolia offers very fast filters, but also the ability to search within the categories, by keyword. (in relation to the product, its category, its seller, same words etc …).

Merchandising: Thanks to the query rules, it is also possible to define custom rules to display different answers depending on the user (new customer, man / woman etc …), or to display banners based on searches (example here).
But the merchandising remains difficult to define, and we are on business model of recommendations tool. That’s why we recommend to install it Target2Sell .

Simple and fast integration

Set your search Algolia on Magento

Algolia offers a plugin for Magento and a plugin for WordPress . It’s very easy to install this fast search engine on your Magento site via Magento Connect.
On admin panel of Magento, you will also be able to set a large number of parameters.

Documentation: their API is very rich and very well documented. As a Magento integrator, we can quickly find the keys to configure it, and to meet the needs of our customers.

If you are interested in this solution and you are asking about its implementation in your store or your magento project, contact us to discuss it.

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