Magento is one of the most respected technical solutions on the global e-commerce market. Born in 2008, it offers a paid version "Enterprise" and a free version "Community". Magento natively has many advanced features for companies and leaders who want to get started. Its very active developer community has made it a success and contributes to the maintenance and evolution of this solution. Flexishore has specialized in the development of the community version of this tool.


The power for e-commerce

The Magento solution is complete. It offers all the necessary tools for online sales, the management of a consistent catalog, without forgetting the implementation of the sales, billing and refund process.

Robust for large projects.

Magento is suitable for all catalogue sizes. And even more when the content becomes big and solutions such as Woo-commerce or prestashop show their limits.
Moreover, its interfaces easily with third-party software and API. Any Magento developer could connect (ERP, CRM etc…).

Magento is powerful and can be heavy… Taking a fast server may be the first idea that comes to a customer…At Flexishore we know how to work on optimisations: response time, cache etc… In order to make navigation more fluid for users. For this we use solutions such as Varnish or Full Page Cache.

SEO : heart of the magento project

Without SEO, no visibility. Magento offers all the standards and some useful extensions so that you can improve the SEO of your shop.

A complete backoffice

A Backoffice that will allow you to manage your users, update your content, control your SEO, monitor your sales, invoices, make refunds… and many other functionalities.
Also designed to evolve in your image, you will be able to quickly customize it via free or paid extensions or through Flexishore for your most complex needs.

An active community to make evolution on your shop

Magento has succeeded in creating a community around its tool: user club, amateur and certified developers, blogs about tutorials, little tips, famous influencers, Marketplace to find your extensions, Chanel Slack, Forums…
Magento also participates in it by organising events all over the world, offering courses and certifications. One thing is sure, by using Magento, you will not be alone, you will be able to share your experience with other e-merchants easily.

If you are interested in this solution and have questions about how to proceed ? If you have a project to migrate to Magento 1 or 2? Feel free to contact us to discuss it. We would be delighted to advise you.

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