Mangopay is a payment solution launched in 2013 by Céline Lazorthes, the founder of Leetchi.com. This solution was developed for Marketplace, Crowfundind and collaborative economy projects. It is relatively easy to implement, as Mangopay has developed several connectors for the market's CMS. Flexishore recommends this solution for Magento projects.


A custom integration

Each project is different and has its own specificities, Mangopay has understood this and offers a customization of payment methods and rules. Moreover, You paid a Designer to create your website or shop according to your idea. Mangopay allows you to customize 100% of the payment, in order to custom your funnel as you wish.

Payment flows linked to the operations of your Marketplace

Mangopay cash flow for Magento

Your Marketplace works according to your market. The customisation of payment flows is a crucial step for your success.
You will be able to customize them as you wish:

Wallets: a wallet specific to the customer, to collect the money before paying it to the seller, a wallet specific to the seller, and possibly a technical wallet for services offered by the platform (other than the commissions managed via Fees)

Payment deadline: It is possible to define a payment to the seller immediately, or after validation of the order, or after delivery, or even after a certain period of time or receipt of the customer’s notice.

Bank loan or debit: Depending on the business model, it is possible to debit the buyer directly when ordering, or to make a bank loan, while waiting for the seller to confirm the order. It is also possible to define the threshold to trigger 3D secure.

Customized commission: Each seller can have his own commission rate, negotiated with the shop, or some of the seller’s products may have a specific commission. The commission amount is calculated by Magento, and sent to Mangopay in the transfer order.

Data protection, transaction security

KYC verification, 3D-Secure, data encryption, MangoPay is a certificate solution with the operating authorities. Security above all!

A Dashboard to manage your users and transactions

Mangopay Dashboard

All transactions can be done via API, but to monitor activity and manage exceptions, MangoPay has developed an intuitive interface to manage your day-to-day transactions. For example:
– Overview of fee collect
– Access to the list of customers/sellers/wallets
– Access to all Payin (collection) and transfers between wallets.
– Possibility of refunding a payment directly on the client’s credit card.
– Possibility to manually transfer any wallet to another, with the possibility to set a commission amount (fees)
– Sending manual KYC documents (to authenticate users, and increase payment thresholds)
– Management of complaints (sending of proof, monitoring of progress)
– Manual RIB entry, and triggering of Payout (transfer to bank account)

Simple contract, transparency commission

Mangopay’s fees are clear, no entry or set-up fees, no minimum monthly fees or charges on refunds as a traditional bank provider would do.
All fees are linked to the transactions made on your platform.
In addition, the rate is degressive from €100,000 / month.

Are you in the process of making a comparison of the best payment solutions for your e-commerce project or for your Marketplace? Are you looking for an opinion on Mangopay? Are you experiencing difficulties implementing Mangopay?

Flexishore and its experts are at your disposal to help you! Please do not hesitate to contact us.

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