Target2Sell is a SAAS solution launched in 2012. It enables e-merchants to increase their sales by recommending targeted products in real time. This solution uses the latest technologies to better understand and recommend customers. Flexishore recommends Target2Sell to enhance your magento shop.

target 2 sell

offers Target2sell via Magento

Several solutions for the recommendation

In order to improve your sales, Target2Sell offers 4 products:

The personalised recommendation

Define the display area for your products, customise your template and the solution takes care of the rest by displaying products based on several behavioural criteria of your customers.

The recommendation in the emails

Take it to the next level by personalizing, contextualizing your emails for your customers.
Sending the right product at the right time can be difficult to do, this solution makes your job easier.

Improving your product lists

The products displayed in your shop’s listings are more relevant thanks to the visitor data.

The virtual assistant

Several tools are at your disposal to help your customers to navigate better and more easily find their way around, in order to make a sale more quickly.

A simple Dashboard to track interactions

Target2Sell provides an easy-to-use dashboard to help marketing departments to better analyse the recommendation criteria: rule editions, product exclusion, data visualisation…

A cross-channel experience

The mobile criterias has become precious and Target2sell has understood this by offering a “mobile first” tool. The mobile is taken into account in the product recommendations and the user experience is readable and optimised on mobile. More advanced personalisation on this channel is also possible.

Integrate your data with your CRM / Data tools

Finally, Target2Sell allows you to integrate your data directly into the various tools for exploiting your business data thanks to several connectors.
Enrich your analyses thanks to your visitors’ data.

If you are interested in this solution and you have any questions about its implementation in your shop or magento project, do not hesitate to contact us to discuss it.

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