uMarketplace Suite is a Magento extension developed by the publisher Unirgy (San Fransisco) since 2010. It transforms your Magento shop into a powerful Marketplace.

Marketplace Magento

Magento is designed for B2C or B2B. But it does not allow Internet users or suppliers to sell their products.
There are a lot of choices of Magento modules that allow you to transform your shop into a Marketplace. But they aren’t offer the same functionalities, and the choice depends on the use you wish to make of them.

When sellers are not also customers or when sellers need to be able to sell the references of another seller (Amazon type price comparator), we recommend the installation of uMarketplace.

A solid foundation for getting started

The publisher offers a well-written module that complies with Magento standards. This is rare enough to underline it. That said, part of their module is encrypted, so that it cannot be used without a licence.
The list of functionalities proposed by the module is very Large. It is based on their first “Dropship” module and adds features specific to marketplaces.

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