WooCommerce is an Open Source solution to transform a Wordpress website in an e-commerce website. This solution is flexible and allow quiclku to modify a website to store.


what does Woocommerce do ?

Woocommerce is an extension or plugin, that we install on WordPress CMS.
It adding some features to transform a website in a store.

In the fact, features added are :

– A product pahe
– A products list pahe
– A review product area
– A Search extension for products
– Functions for business (sales, news)
– A cart
– A cart funnel / Checkout
– Payment methods
– Delivery methods

With installation of this extension, sell features are created : administrator could offers products, manage orders and client could buy on website. Next step will be the custom of design or add new features, to match with brand needs.

What payment methods are available on Woocommerce ?

Woocommerce oocommerce offers classic features : Payment by credit card, by transfer, by check, on delivery. Then, you can integrate Woocommerce with gateways to use alternative payment methods such as Paypal, Stripe, Mangopay and others.

What delivery methods are available on Woocommerce?

Like payment methods, Woocommerce offers classic solutions: free delivery, fixed price, limitation by country, area of deliveries in a country. Which makes it easy to do a lot of things.
Depending on your needs, other compatible extensions exist.

What compatibility with an existing site? The multilingual ?

Woocommerce is compatible with a large number of themes and therefore existing sites! It can also be directly integrated into a theme that you have purchased. It all depends on how your site was made. It may be necessary to adapt some features to add the features of Woocommerce.

Concerning multilingual, most of the official translation plugins used are compatible with Woocommerce.

Other paid-for features.

Like WordPress, Woocommerce has features that may be limited for your needs.
Let’s take a few examples: Having a stock or supplier management, selling subscriptions or packages and not a product, making advertisements via an ad servor, exporting a script for a marketplace.

So there are extensions that will communicate with WordPress and / or Woocommerce, and will help you achieve your goal. Sometimes it won’t be possible to do it via an extension, so it will have to be custom developed, that’s what Flexishore can determine or develop for you.

The use of personal data

Concerning the GDPR, WooCommerce specifies that personal data are your property. It remains accessible, except if you choose to use third party solutions. In this case, the data will be anonymized for their use.

A strong community.

WooCommerce has been developed by some of the active creators of WordPress. The community is active and updates are published regularly. A good documentation exists. The extension has been translated into a large number of languages and continue to evolve thanks to this community.
It is rather a guarantee of quality for entrepreneurs and developers who wish to start using this solution.

p>If you have any questions about Woocommerce or about setting up your website WordPress, or if you want to set up an e-commerce website, Flexishore can help you! Don’t hesitate to contact us.

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