Wordpress is open source and royalty free software. It was created in 2003 by Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Today, Wordpress has become a must-have tool for developers and development agencies. About 31% of the world's websites use it. Flexishore is no exception to this logic and offers to implement Wordpress to these clients for these small projects: Blog, websites.

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Open source software

WordPress is open source and royalty free software. It is what is called a CMS (Content Management System). A CMS allows you to edit your website: add media, edit its content easily, without the help of a developer. WordPress is therefore free and its source code is written in PHP. It works natively with a MySQL database.

Unlimited customization

The big strength of WordPress is its customization. Based on open source code, you can modify absolutely everything.
Theme, frontoffice functionality, Backoffice. It has all the functionality you need to create a website that suits you. That’s why WordPress is used by 31% of the websites in the world.

Do you have a blog, a showcase site, an e-commerce shop, or an application to build? WordPress must be able to meet your needs.
However this CMS can be limited for a high traffic site or an e-commerce shop reaching a large number of products. Flexishore can advise you define your project to see if WordPress is right for you.

Easy to use

The principle of the CMS is the ease of editing the content. WordPress goes further and offers simple customization of the theme and the addition of features through plugins.

WordPress is easy to use. It can be configured quickly and the UI have been well thought out, everything is intuitive . You can manage pages, articles, links, media.

All user management and permission management are native, so there’s no need to develop that.
An editing team can be created quickly with different editing rights, vision on articles, pages.

An involved community

As we explained before, one of the many advantages is the multitude of existing themes for WordPress.
You’ll find free and paid ones, with or without plugin and even by type of site (blog, showcase site, e-commerce site, by profession, etc…). A very well known site to find a theme : Theme Forest !
Find your WordPress theme

With this CMS and its regular updates, you can take advantage of new developments for free.
Updates are well managed and in general there is little regression on features.

New plugins come out every day and it’s very easy to contact the editor in case of support.

Manage tags and keywords easily, edit the sitemap :
See Yoast SEO plugin

Woocommerce, the plugin to make a commerce oriented application :
See Woocommerce plugin

See the Paypal enhancement plugin

Google Analytics
Dashboard and implementation of the code in your site
See Google Analytics plugin

a very useful plugin to make a multilingual site
See WPML plugin
blog to the real estate site.
Below are a few of them. If you have a project to develop (design integration, redesign, new functionality), we are at your disposal to help you make it happen.

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